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    Heraldic Famiy NamesCoat Of Arms

    Your family Coat of Arms

    Is a special and unique item -

    awarded to your family name.

    Not everyone has a Coat of Arms, and those that do can order their very own edition - and uncover interesting facts and traits about their origins.

    Begin by searching our extensive range of Coat of Arm reproductions - from handpainted shields, to handstitched gold & silver bullion embroideries, full colour graphic prints or extra-special hand made jewellery.

    Once you have decided on how you would like you family Coat of Arms to be made, contact us via web enquiry or freecall 1800 809 963 to discuss whether your family has an awarded Coat of Arms.

    A unique Coat of Arms becomes an important family heirloom, and a well made handcrafted item is something your family and future generations can share and pass along the family line. When kept with family photos, your family Coat of Arms takes on greater meaning and importance.

    Vist these links for other styles of your Family Coat of Arms and Crest

    Handpainted Shields Small, Medium and Large in Brass and Pewter

    Hand stitched Gold and Silver Embroideries - genuine keepsakes

    Coat of Arms Brass Doorknockers


    Unframed The Graphic Coat Of Arms
    Unframed Double Graphic Coat of Arms
    Coat of Arms and History together