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    Heraldic Famiy NamesEmployment

    Heraldic Consultant

    You are an independent operator, visiting and winning new shops for the Heraldic Network, and attending shows, markets and fairs. Your travel expenses are covered, you are paid a set fee for every new store you bring into the national network. You are not employed by Heraldic Family Names, but contract your services. You submit invoices to us for payment, and will need to register your own ABN and trade as a sole operator. You chose your hours, your days, and you will be rewarded for every new shop you bring on, and every sale you make.
    Are you ready to be an independent decision maker? Are you ready to begin working for yourself? We have requirements for consultants all over Australia.
    Please send an email or fax to the contact details provided, stating your location and preferred weekly hours. Feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions prior to applying. Heraldic Family Names is a family owned and operated business, trading in Australia for over 18 years.
    Contact [email protected] for more information.

    Positions available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Territory Owners / State Dealers

    Ever dreamed of working for yourself, chosing your own hours and managing your own income?
    Heraldic Family Names has special 'Turn-Key' opportunities available in your area.
    Whether you are looking for a larger challenge, greater responsibility and more choices for income generation, or if you just want to be able to work in a set territory, and develop your own niche - then we have something for you.

    For more information on our exciting and unique opportunities - email us. We will need you to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to going through the finer details. If you are serious and want to know more- then call on Free Call 1800809963 or drop us a line today

    [email protected] heraldicnames.com.au

    emma @ heraldicnames.com.au

    Master Licence.

    Historical Research Centre T/as Heraldic Family Names has Master National and State Licences available.

    Enquire [email protected]

    Phone 1800809963 for all information.