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    Heraldic Famiy NamesDouble Embroidered Coat of Arms Framed
    Framed Double Embroidery

    Handstitched with Gold and Silver bullion wire, this heirloom item is a family keepsake. Guaranteed to be passed on from generation to generation. The double embroidered coat of arms is a great way to commemorate wedding anniversaries. When framed with an original photo from the wedding day, it become a lovely reminder of the occasion and ensures that the Wife's maiden name isn't lost, as often happens. Taking on the Husbands name is a lovely part of being married, but the Matriarch should also have her family history and roots honoured. Why not do just that with this delightful embroidered coat of arms. Comes with 2 complimentary Family Name History Certificates

    Price: $695.00
    Surname Required 1:
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