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    Heraldic Famiy NamesSmall Pewter Shield

    The Small shields both Brass and Pewter are the most popular size for displaying the family coat of arms. The Pewter style shield is handcast from an aluminium alloy and is half the weight of the Brass shield. The High gloss, clear baked lacquer finish gives the impression of silver, without the extreme cost or weight. All our shields are handpainted by highly skilled artists in the true armorial colours as described in our reference library. The enamel paints are imported from England and are of the highest quality found anywhere throughout the world.

    Once completely dry, the artwork gives a high gloss reflective finish and is guaranteed to never tarnish or fade. This guarantee is a lifetime guarantee.

    Beautifully Handpainted and Handcast Silver (Pewter) Style Shield.

    Size - 24.5cm x 16cm

    Weight - 0.6kg

    Price: $325.00
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