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    Heraldic Famiy NamesHandmade Jewellery
    Handmade Jewellery

    Handcast from your Family Coat of Arms, each piece of Jewellery is entirely unique and becomes a Family Heirloom.
    You chose from the Top part of the Family Crest, The Main Shield or your full Coat of Arms. Select the design style and ensure to have your finger correctly measured at a local jewellers.

    Mens and Ladies styles available. As our jewellery is all handmade, we are able to create a unique item to meet and exceed your specifications.

    Are you looking for a new tie clip, cuff links, brooch or hat pin?

    Perhaps you would like your own heraldic seal - as was used in ancient times to wax-seal important documents.

    Any item can be made to suit your requirements. Why not enquire today about your jewellery idea? Contact us via our web page, or freecall us from anywhere in Australia on 1800 809 963.

    We are happy to help you.

    Price: $750.00
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