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    Family Name History is the only authorised and authenticated provider of Family Name History and Heraldic information in Australia and New Zealand.

    A 2 page brochure from Heraldic Family Names detailing the Right to Bear Arms (using and hosting your family Coat of Arms) and showing the detailed elements of the Formal Layout of Arms, describing each element of the Coat of Arms.
    A detailed printable document with order form for postal and money orders (we also accept cheques). Shows pictures, prices and includes a full order form ready for completion
    A two page brochure showing images and more detail on our handmade jewellery. Detailed drawings of the carious styles of rings available.
    A two page brochure showing the extended range for celebrating a wedding or anniversary.
    Ever wondered where we get our historically correct and accurate information? We have one of the largest reference libraries in the world. Here is a selection of books used to gather the information on your family name and its recorded history.
    Confused on postage costs? Here is a quick look at our postage rates for local and international mail. If you have further questions, or are still unclear, contact us on 1800 809 963 to discuss.
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